DEATH PERCEPTION Available for Advance Review

Hey there, if you’re a book reviewer and want to review my latest release for a May 15, 2013 launch, I’d love to hear from you!

DEATH PERCEPTION is a supernatural crime story corrupt with horror yet preserved by a sprinkling of black humor. The skinny:

DEATH PERCEPTION by Lee Allen HowardNineteen-year-old Kennet Singleton lives with his invalid mother in a personal care facility, but he wants out. He operates the crematory at the local funeral home, where he discovers he can discern the cause of death of those he cremates—by toasting marshmallows over their ashes.

He thinks his ability is no big deal since his customers are already dead. But when his perception differs from what’s on the death certificate, he finds himself in the midst of murderers. To save the residents and avenge the dead, he must bring the killers to justice.

Take a peek at chapter 1 of DEATH PERCEPTION in PDF. I’d love to hear your comments on this post, or by email. Enjoy, and feel free to share this page!

If you are willing to write a review for the May 15 release, please contact me at lee [at] leeallenhoward [dot] com. I have .mobi (Kindle) and PDF files, as well as trade paperbacks available. DEATH PERCEPTION is 72,000 words.

Thanks, and please help me spread the word!

Check out release plans here.

What They’re Saying About DEATH PERCEPTION

“Dastardly devious, cleverly conceived, and just a whole lot of fun to read, Death Perception is Lee Allen Howard on fire and at his finest. Rife with winsome weirdness, it’s like the mutant stepchild of Carl Hiaasen and Stephen King, mixing a truly unique paranormal coming-of-age story with a quirky cast of offbeat noir characters into a novel that’s simply unforgettable… and hilariously original. A supernatural crime story, blazing with creative intrigue… don’t miss it.”

—Michael Arnzen, author of Play Dead

“Lee Allen Howard’s Death Perception is a red hot union of Gothic crime thriller and grim humor that burns with supernatural tension. Beneath the sickly sweet scent of caramelized sugar lies the wildly entertaining tale of a man who delivers justice to the dead while fanning the fires of the living. Ever hear the expression, ‘laughing in a morgue’? Death Perception feels just like that. Howard has a gift for crafting eccentric characters and clever plots. This is dark fun at its best.”

—Jason Jack Miller, author of The Devil and Preston Black and Hellbender

“Death Perception has officially made me envious of Lee Allen Howard. It sings like a choir of angels, while weeping like a ghost in winter. Everyone should have this in their collection.”

—Trent Zelazny, author of To Sleep Gently and Butterfly Potion

6 Responses to “DEATH PERCEPTION Available for Advance Review”

  1. Gearing Up for the Release of DEATH PERCEPTION | Lee Allen Howard Says:

    […] DEATH PERCEPTION Available for Advance Review […]

  2. Caffeine & Chapters (@CaffeineChapter) Says:

    I wish I’d seen this post last week, I enjoy your work but not sure I could make the May 15 deadline. Good luck with it.

  3. Joseph Pinto Says:

    Looking forward to buying a copy, Lee!!

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