The Spiritualism of DEATH PERCEPTION

This was originally posted at, the site for my metaphysical and spiritualistic musings. From the acknowledgments page in the book: “We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact, scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.” –Principle #5 of Spiritualism


Supernatural Thriller Incorporates the Principles of Spiritualism

When I first got the idea for DEATH PERCEPTION, my latest supernatural thriller, I knew nothing about Spiritualism. I came from a Protestant Christian background and held a general belief in life after death, but all of the after-death spirit communication and paranormal abilities, I invented from an imagination fueled by a lifetime of movies and short stories and novels. At least I thought it was made up…

DEATH PERCEPTION by Lee Allen HowardDEATH PERCEPTION was my master’s thesis, which I wrote while enrolled in the Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University from 2004–2006. The spring that I graduated, I quit the ministry, finalized a divorce ending eighteen years of marriage, came out, sold the house I alone was paying on for the previous six months, moved, and finalized my thesis. Whew!

I gave up on organized religion and orthodox faith. And I gave…

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  1. The Importance of Research in Fiction Writing | Lee Allen Howard Says:

    […] Did I get it all right? I suppose if an expert in any of these areas reads my book, she might find a flaw. But I performed due diligence and did my best to accurately ground my fiction in fact. Even much of the Spiritualism and Kennet’s psychic abilities are based on research and experience. […]

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