Cemetery Photo Shoot

I love cemeteries. Always have. It’s part of my creepiness, yet as a Spiritualist, I find them not morbid, but peaceful, places. So being a Spiritualist, a medium, and a writer of dark fiction, a cemetery was the perfect place for a recent photo shoot.John Colombo, Photographer

Sunday morning July 21, I met accomplished photographer John Colombo for a session. You’ll see John’s striking photos in many of Pittsburgh’s better magazines and newspapers. Here he is, fiddling with his equipment. (He’s the photographer, not me…)

We convened at The Homewood Cemetery in Squirrel Hill, an east Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Flash umbrella and equipment The middle of the shoot

It wasn’t as hot as it was earlier in the week, but as we approached noon, we were both sweating. And in some of the early photos, the sun was in my eyes—until we found a shady spot and a guardian angel.

Too bright! Angel of the Crypt

A model, I will never be. It took me at least 200 shots to loosen up. In most of the early pics, I look like I have a length of rebar rammed up my rectum. “Uptight” is a good word.

Uptight Getting tired

Then, by a shady mausoleum, I finally relaxed (and stopped squinting). None of these pics are the final, edited versions. They’re low-res outtakes. But I wanted to share my fun (and chagrin) with you.

Being silly One of my favorites

You’ll see one of the finals in the right column of my site here soon. In the meantime, say, “Cheese!” and smile pretty!

John Colombo: http://www.johncolombo.com/

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