My 2021 Writing Goals

Writing CalendarI hope it’s not too late to set some goals for the new year. It took me the month of January to get clear on some of them, but here’s what I’m shooting for in 2021.

  • I will master the art of storytelling. I will continue to study and apply what I learn to my writing process until I’m able to plan, plot, and write captivating stories with ease.
  • I will generate ideas and turn them into stories, writing prolifically. I will write story after story, mining my idea folder and #StoryStarter ideas I’ve posted on Twitter.
  • I will write faster. Having planned and plotted stories beforehand, I will be able to write them at least 2500 words per hour.
  • I will write to market each chance I get. Having mastered the art of storytelling and writing much and more quickly, I will write stories for open calls to increase my chances of getting published (instead of writing only my ideas and trying to place them offhand in markets).
  • I will write flash fiction. I will turn poems I’ve written into flash pieces or short stories.
  • I will develop and write a self-editing text, reading and compiling source notes, outlining, and writing chapters until I’m finished. I will submit a proposal to a publishing company.
  • I will revamp my backlist so that I win steady sales. This will include creating new covers for my one-off short stories and shorter collections.
  • I will learn how to market books on Amazon, including placing ads.
  • I will read a book on writing craft monthly. I will continue my writing studies, reading at least one craft text each month.
  • I will redesign my website and launch it. needs a facelift! Stay tuned.

I plan to make progress on all these goals in 2021. Have you set goals for the new year? What would you like to accomplish? Perhaps more reading? 🙂

7 Responses to “My 2021 Writing Goals”

  1. giftedandchilling Says:

    Great and impressive set of goals for 2021! I agree that it’s never too late to create goals for the year and it helps with staying motivated and reaching new levels. Hope this year brings you many success and happiness.

  2. Priscilla Bettis Says:

    Love your goals. It’s nice to see people with a work ethic put some UMPH into their goals. Currently I have the goal of writing three related horror novellas by June 30th. I am halfway through the first. It’s a mess, but hope springs eternal.

    I also study writing craft books in order to improve my approach to storytelling, but my goal isn’t books/month but study time (e.g., today’s is I will study for an hour, deep work, no fluff studying allowed). I am currently studying Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan and Writing in the Dark by Tim Waggoner. Both are awesome guides but for different reasons.

    I tried writing short stories to market for the first time last year. One was accepted and published. Three are still under consideration, so we’ll see.

    Looking forward to your new website design. Have a wonderfully writerly 2021!

    • Lee Allen Howard Says:

      Best of luck with the novellas, Priscilla. First drafts can be a mess, but it’s getting them written that’s important. I just bought Waggoner’s Writing in the Dark, and I’m enjoying it. I’ll have to check out McClanahan’s book. Thanks for commenting!

  3. tinfoilhat Says:

    Noble goals indeed, one and all. I have similar goals for myself. The artists never never stops, and so must continue his/her/their drive to continually improve their craft.

    • Lee Allen Howard Says:

      Thanks. It’s good to have goals. A great way to make sure you’re improving. Good luck with yours!

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