Can You Be a Christian Medium?

Trade paperback, 188 pages, $16.99. Kindle, $9.99.

Can You Be a Christian Medium?

How You Can be Both Christian and Spiritualist

Why do some Christians, especially evangelicals and Pentecostals, have trouble with Spiritualists, psychics, and mediums? Because of blind traditions influenced by a certain understanding of the Bible, which they believe forbids practicing mediumship.

In this book, Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Pentecostal Bible teacher and Christian medium, traces his path from conversion through Christian ministry and beyond, to Spiritualism and mediumship. Along the way he examines many Scripture passages, tips a few sacred cows, and answers questions that concern Christian Spiritualists. What’s inside:

  • Christianity promotes life after death. But only Spiritualism enables us to contact our departed loves ones on the other side.
  • Learn about the Church’s little-known doctrine that allows communication among those in the earthly and heavenly realms.
  • Under what conditions does the Old Testament forbid consulting mediums? Discover when consulting a medium is discouraged now.
  • Two young men, abducted from their homeland, rose from prison to prominence by serving heathen kings with their prophetic abilities.
  • Why are most sorcerers in the New Testament frowned on? Why are some praised?
  • Consider a fresh take on how the Apostle Paul set a fortune-teller free from spiritual slavery.
  • Witness Jesus proving His master mediumship atop a holy mountain.
  • When should you see a psychic? One young man looking for lost donkeys visits a clairvoyant and receives life direction that leads him to the throne.
  • Samples of visions, tongues with interpretation, channeling, and more are included.

Can You Be a Christian Medium? will resolve your doubts so that you can enjoy the gifts and abilities God has given you and others.