How to Tell If Your House Is Haunted

72 pages, trade paperback.

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How to Tell If Your House Is Haunted

Is your house haunted?

Are you experiencing paranormal activity that you believe is spirit contact from the other side? If so, what’s the best way to handle it?

The “show yourself and get out!” approach popularized on many ghost-hunting programs fails to consider that, in this world or the next, “spirits are still people, and they want to be recognized, remembered, understood, and respected” (from the book). If someone’s visitor was your grandmother, how would you want them to treat her?

This short treatise on how to handle hauntings and spiritual contact takes a humane and practical approach to:

  • Determining whether the activity is paranormal in origin
  • Gauging whether the activity is interactive and increasing
  • Deciding if the interaction is malicious
  • Contacting the spirit
  • Getting the spirit to move on

If you desire to know more about contacting the spirit realm or freeing your home of unwanted spirit visitors, this practical guide is a must.

Includes bonus material: What happens when you die, Where do we go when we die?, Will you know it when you die?, How to help the newly departed, Prayers and meditation.