Lonnie Frisbee: Catalyst for Revival

228 pages, trade paperback or Kindle.

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Lonnie Frisbee: Catalyst for Revival

The New Move of the Holy Spirit, from Hippies to Homosexuals

Have you heard of Lonnie Frisbee? Through his evangelistic ministry, untold thousands were converted, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. This great move of God sparked in the 1960s kindled most of North America’s revival since then. Two worldwide movements—Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard—were birthed through Lonnie’s early influence.

Why would God use a 1960s flower child without higher education from a drugged-up, dropped-out generation to build his Kingdom? Because Lonnie loved Jesus. Lonnie loved people, too, and men especially. This is one reason you may never have heard of him.

Gathering published sources (up to 2015) from those who knew or knew of Lonnie, this book recounts Frisbee’s life and provides the context in which he came to faith and entered ministry. It also weighs the church’s reaction to the news of his sexual orientation and the resulting treatment he received.

Lonnie Frisbee was a gay man who loved and served the Lord. In spite of the Church’s rejection of him, God used him to spark revival among the outcasts of his day. What happened with the hippies during the Jesus Movement is happening again. God is sparking revival in the LGBTQI community with an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

From hippies to homosexuals, God is reaching the lost with the message of acceptance in Jesus Christ. The question is: What part will you play in building the Kingdom?