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LGBTQ Horror Short Available for Kindle

Bone-chilling gay horror from dark fiction author Lee Allen Howard.

Tad has a problem: he ran away from home only to find he has no place to stay in the big city. After selling his abusive father’s comics collection, the sixteen-year-old twink hasn’t near enough money for a bus ticket home.

Two days without food and two nights in an alley force him to do what he swore he wouldn’t: trick for cash. But trick he must–just this once–to get back home, lest he end up living on the streets of Pittsburgh.

At Lucky’s Lounge, the thirty-something with the reptilian tattoos seems to be his ticket home. Bruce is a kind man, a generous man, a spiritual man who takes in strays of all kinds. But Bruce needs a different kind of fix, and Tad is his only way to get it.

What will Tad forfeit for a bus ticket home?