Tales of Blood and Squalor

Trade paperback, 196 pages.

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Tales of Blood and Squalor

14 Stories of Squalid Horror Available for Kindle or in Trade Paperback

We all know what blood is. It’s spilled accidentally. Or worse, on purpose—often ending in death. But squalor… a quality or state marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty. Sordid, wretched, seamy, seedy.

A short fiction anthology of horror and psychological thrillers, Tales of Blood and Squalor depicts wretched, low-class characters living in filth and poverty. With misery and blood.

A novelist a tad too committed to realism in her craft, a tourist thirsting for blood, the king of a trailer park dungeon… These fourteen stories from Dark Cloud Press will scare you, shock you, and make you reel.

Anthology authors include Sarah Gribble, Joshua Bartolome, Rob Francis, Lee Forsythe, C.W. Blackwell, Rainie Zenith, James Edward O’Brien, Lee Allen Howard, Gab Halasz, B.D. Prince, Lela E. Buis, Jay Seate, Rachel Verkade, and Bryan Dyke.