Thou Shalt Not

Trade paperback, 410 pages.

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Thou Shalt Not

Horror and Dark Crime Anthology Available in Trade Paperback

Ever broken one of God’s “Big Ten”? Of course you have. We all have.

Except for murder and adultery—the consequences of which are obvious—what were the results? A little guilt? Did you disappoint yourself or someone else? Or did no one even notice?

THOU SHALT NOT… is an anthology of horror and crime fiction where someone breaks one of the Ten Commandments with dire, deadly, or disastrous results.
1.  Worshiping false gods
2.  Engaging in idolatry
3.  Misusing God’s name
4.  Violating the day of rest
5.  Dishonoring parents
6.  Murdering
7.  Committing adultery
8.  Stealing
9.  Bearing false testimony
10. Coveting what belongs to your neighbor

Two tablets, ten commandments. They’ve all been broken…
Let’s break them again!