Lee Allen Howard Interviewed on BOOK TALK WITH STEVEN JANISZESKI

Animated literary aficianodo Steven Janiszeski interviews me all about books and writing. Check it out for a lighthearted laugh.

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Book Talk with Steven Janiszeski is produced by Trent Zelazny, author of FRACTAL DESPONDENCY.

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Fractal DespondencyFractal Despondency by Trent Zelazny
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gimping through his grief over a lost love, lost in a way that can only damage, Blake Gladstone has much to recover from: choices she made, choices he made. As he struggles to go on with life in Santa Fe, he meets Denise, who introduces him to 24/7 spiced rum. And danger.

Has Denise come to rescue him, or finish him off? Blake must deal with more choices: choices she made, choices he made. She disappears and reappears, and when she does, Zelazny portrays it with an electrifying sense of doom. The characters are disturbing, their pain is palpable, the suspense is taut. Recommended.

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