Seeking Beta Readers for DEAD CEMETERY

I’m seeking beta readers for a 75,000-word gay romance/horror novel.

Contact me if you’re interested in being a beta reader or writing a book review. Thanks.

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Winged Beast

Dead Cemetery by Lee Allen Howard

Jarod Huntingdon wants more than anything to have a family with children of his own, yet he’s unable to commit to his girlfriend and doesn’t know why.

He returns home to the remote rural community of Annastasis Creek for a season of soul-searching where he encounters his childhood friend, Scotty McPherson, and—despite their high school fallout—Jarod finds he’s still attracted to him.

When Scotty’s six-year-old niece, Madison, goes missing, a frantic search ensues. A violent rainstorm traps them in the valley, blocks roads, cuts off all communication, and hampers the hunt.

In the meantime, Jarod learns of a curse as old as he is, first placed on the community after five young people perished in a house fire during the sacrifice of a deformed child.

As the curse takes hold, the dead return to abduct the living, and the abducted turn into monsters.

To appease the curse, defrocked Pentecostal pastor Uriah Zalmon must find another sinner to sacrifice. The Covenant Trustees unanimously select Scotty. Who better to play the scapegoat than an “unrepentant homosexual”?

Faced with losing the love and support of his family and community, Jarod must choose between the life he’s always envisioned and saving Scotty from being sacrificed to a great winged beast hibernating in the bowels of an abandoned church.

Can he rescue his true love and break the curse once and for all?

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Response to a Concerned Heterosexual Christian

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Prayer didn’t work. Fasting didn’t work. Psychotherapy and inner healing didn’t work. Deliverance failed. And reparative therapy made me want to commit suicide.

Response to a Concerned Heterosexual Christian by Lee Allen Howard

I tried everything over the course of twenty years to rid myself of same-sex attraction. I realized I could no longer deny who I was simply because my spiritual community held narrowly prescribed notions of what was acceptable, moral, and holy.

So I decided to be true to myself, to discover who God had really made me to be. I came out of the closet and took Christ with me.

“God loves the sinner but hates the sin.” The only Christian from my former life who maintained contact with me through my early coming out process finally said she was “concerned” with my “lifestyle choice” (implying I had chosen a life of sin). I answered with a long letter sharing my feelings and espousing my hard-earned beliefs. Response to a Concerned Heterosexual Christian is adapted from this reply.

This short book details my struggle and everything I did to overcome it. With twenty years in the evangelical charismatic church, a masters in biblical studies, years in Christian publishing and missions work, and time spent pastoring, I present this contemporary issue from a personal viewpoint that’s scripturally educated.

  • Do LGBT people need to be fixed, healed?
  • Does the stance of conservative Christianity represent the nature of God and Christ to everyone?
  • Do we have scriptural precedent for accepting LGBT people just as they are?

If you’ve struggled with these issues regardless of your orientation, you owe it to yourself and all those inside and outside of Christ’s fold to foster a new understanding.

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