Guest Post: MIAMI SPY GAMES: The Progression of the Story by Armand Rosamilia

Every story, no matter how long or short, begins with a kernel of an idea. I like to call it the What If? moment. With MIAMI SPY GAMES the basic idea presented to me was, “What if there was a weapon that could turn people into zombies?”

That was what was pretty much dropped into my lap when Hobbes End Publishing came to me with the idea to write this story. I love a challenge, and when they gave me the three main characters and not much about them, I was even happier. I was allowed to create the story as I wanted, and it wasn’t being treated as some kind of adaptation, where I’m given pages and pages of notes and storylines and forced to implement them.

MIAMI SPY GAMES: ZOMBIE GUN by Armand RosamiliaIt’s always fun when you’re given the keys to another kingdom, I suppose. But you know what ended up happening? MIAMI SPY GAMES became my world. I populated it with secondary characters, created all the bad guys and situations and settings, and The Powers That Be let me run with the ball.

The story progressed in ways I didn’t expect, like certain minor characters stepping up and moving the plot along in intelligent ways, and certain characters’ personalities having an effect on the people around them. The bad guys ceased to be one-dimensional cartoons and became real and suddenly more deadly, and the ACES team weren’t just three pumped up killing machines who made no mistakes and had no feelings.

There became several What If? moments during the writing, and each character had to find their path while bumping into the other people around them. Like in real life.

And the story kept progressing.

Armand RosamiliaIf you have any questions about the MIAMI SPY GAMES series, I’d love to hear them:

Armand Rosamilia

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Book Review: BUTTERFLY POTION by Trent Zelazny


4.7/5.0 stars

BUTTERFLY POTION by Trent ZelaznyPerry got rolled last night during a blackout. He’s looking for what he’s lost, and that’s more than his wallet and cell phone. He finds Talia; Talia finds him.

Reading Zelazny is like going on a drinking binge and waking in the gutter. But among the messy people in a sad, depressing world is existential philosophy cocooned in beautiful writing. Zelazny has a knack for turning phrases—not just on the page, but in your mind.

Along with despair, there is humor: “To Perry he looked like a kid who’d been picked on in school, which over time had given him the options of suicide, junkie, criminal, or law enforcement.” Priceless.

In the end, there is satisfaction. And thankfully, some hope. All while the butterfly watches.

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Book Review: MERLYN’S RAVEN by Rose Vanden Eynden

MERLYN’S RAVEN by Rose Vanden Eynden

5.0 stars

I recently finished an excellent first novel by a long-time student of Arthurian legend, Rose Vanden Eynden. MERLYN’S RAVEN from Soul Mate Publishing is a romantic fantasy set in fifth century Wales.

Merlyn's Raven by Rose Vanden EyndenGwendydd, the illegitimate child of an allegedly wild woman, suffers her mother’s reputation, but longs to know the truth of her heritage. Slated for a loveless marriage to her chieftain grandfather’s political ally, she meets and falls in love with a druid’s apprentice, a handsome man with golden eyes, possessed of second sight, yet said to be the son of a demon. Appearing and disappearing at will are a few of the many feats of magick the young Myrddin (Merlin) can do, as well as casting glamours—and building Stonehenge with his metaphysical prowess.

Beyond the disapproval of her family, difficulties mount when Myrddin’s clairvoyant visions foretell the birth of a great king who will unify a warring Britain. To shift the balance of power, they must succeed in a dangerous scheme, one that threatens their very lives.

If you’re looking for a book that’s a perfect potion made of magick, romance, and adventure, I highly recommend MERLYN’S RAVEN. Rose Vanden Eynden’s words flow like a rushing river. The setting is rich, the characters are fascinating, the magick is powerful, the treachery surprising. Keeping the pace brisk throughout, Vanden Eynden builds ancient intrigue to an exciting conclusion and sets things up nicely for the next edition of an enchanting saga.

You can watch the book’s video trailer at

You can find MERLYN’S RAVEN at Soul Mate Publishing and Amazon.

The Goodreads page is You can find the author on Facebook at!/RoseVandenEyndenOfficial.

Psychic Development for Writers

I’ll be presenting at Seton Hill University’s IN YOUR WRITE MIND writer’s workshop on Friday morning, June 22. My topic is “Psychic Development for Writers.”

Psychic development is not just for a gifted few. It’s for everyone human, and especially for you as a storyteller.

This workshop will help you discover the innate skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. By exercising your psychic sensing mechanisms, you widen your inspirational channel, empowering you to create stories that resonate more deeply with readers.

Come prepared with a specific project in mind to strengthen your imaginative abilities.

Please join us that weekend for genre writing advice and help.

Book Review: DESTINATION UNKNOWN by Trent Zelazny


4.6/5.0 stars

DESTINATION UNKNOWN by Trent ZelaznyI’ve read most of Trent Zelazny’s work, and along with TO SLEEP GENTLY, this is one of my new favorites.

Again, in DESTINATION UNKNOWN, Zelazny really puts the screws to his characters, and I relish that in a suspense tale. Just when you think you know where the story’s going,—blammo!—you’re off in a different direction and, by the end, careening downhill with no brakes. (I should warn you that I had to stop reading this one late at night because it was jacking my adrenaline and I couldn’t get to sleep.)

The characters are deep as they are wounded. Brian and Kate tragically lost a son and think they’ve received a boon when they come across some money. A lot of money. But the owner wants it back, and will do anything to get it.

DESTINATION UNKNOWN will keep you guessing to the end, and wincing at every development along the way. Classic TZ with an 80s music soundtrack. Loved every freaking page. Please write another.

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The 777 Game

Author friend Rose Vanden Eynden tagged me in her blog post today. It’s a fun game, and here are the rules:

  1. Go to page 77 of your current work in progress.
  2. Scroll down 7 lines.
  3. Paste the next 7 sentences into your blog.
  4. Then tag 7 more authors to carry forward the 777 game. Add their links, and remember to link to the person who tagged you… (Also, let everyone know.)

From page 77 of DEATH PERCEPTION:

Antogonist Cecil Grinold puts protagonist Kennet Singleton to the test, to see if the young man really can discern cause of death by toasting marshmallows over the cremated remains of the deceased. But Grinold is up to no good, of course.

“I was just thinking of a little experiment.” Yes, why not find out whether my young employee is telling the truth or inventing tall tales? Knowing that his psychic “gift” was impossible, Cecil gloated about the time when he would fire Kennet for good. Hopefully, soon.


“Yes, Kennet. Are the marshmallows still here?”

“Unless you threw them away.”

“I should have, but I didn’t. Bring them out.”

“I hope there’s no problem . . . ”

“Relax. Just get the marshmallows.” Dummy.

Okay, so I posted a few more than 7 sentences, but it was a good breaking point. You can learn more about DEATH PERCEPTION here.

Rose’s links are at the beginning of this post, and here are links to 7 of my friends’ blogs. Check them out. Read their stuff. Support writers!

Guest Post: ZOMBIES AND ALCOHOL by Armand Rosamilia

Ever notice how much alcohol is consumed in a zombie novel? Guest blogger, Armand Rosamilia, author of DARLENE BOBICH: ZOMBIE KILLER, DYING DAYS and DYING DAYS 2, muses about the relationship and turns a drinking game into an intoxicating giveaway—perfect for St. Patrick’s Day…

Armand Rosamilia

Armand Rosamilia, author of DYING DAYS 2

Have you ever heard that old line about writers and alcoholics being cut from the same cloth? It doesn’t hold true for me.

I currently have one bottle of rum in the house, which I bought about one year ago while on a cruise. I keep no beer in the house; I have no cool bar on the patio with tiki torches and a neon Budweiser sign flashing while I mix drinks. I’m going on a cruise again in a few days, and will buy my token bottle of rum from the Bahamas and add it to the other bottles collecting dust atop the fridge.

I’m not much of a drinker, preferring gallons of coffee as my poison. But I noticed after finishing my latest zombie book, DYING DAYS 2, that the survivors of the zombie apocalypse can last without good food, toilet paper or communication with others, as long as they have alcohol.

There’s even a bar that plays a huge part in the story (Kimberly Murphy’s Bar, in case you keep track of trivia), and I intended it to be a small, passing chapter. Except a strange thing happened. Most of the characters in the story hang out there. They want to be there when they aren’t, and seem to have the best time there after killing undead all day. Kimberly became as big a character as Darlene Bobich in the tale.

I took a quick glance through the three books in the series (DARLENE BOBICH: ZOMBIE KILLER, DYING DAYS and DYING DAYS 2) and noticed how much drinking I’d added. It’s an interesting observation, although I’m not sure what it means. Post a comment here and share your opinion.

For you zombiephiles, maybe there’s a drinking game in there somewhere: Every time a zombie dies, down a shot… every time a character drinks, take a shot… I don’t suggest drinking every time a character says the “F” word, though, because you’ll probably fall into an alcohol-induced coma, leaving you vulnerable to attack.


DYING DAYS 2 by Armand Rosamilia

Want to win free eBooks and maybe print books of them? My contest is simple—like a drinking game. E-mail me at armandrosamilia (at) gmail (dot) com with DYING DAYS in the subject line, and I’ll enter you into the daily giveaway. Also, post a comment here, and you get another chance to win. Follow my blog at for yet another chance, and friend me on Twitter (@ArmandAuthor) and simply tweet DYING DAYS to me, and you’ll get another shot—nice and easy, right?

If I get enough people joining in the giveaway, I’ll give away a print book that day! Kind of makes you drunk with excitement, doesn’t it?

You can learn more about the DYING DAYS series here: