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Today’s stories of alien abduction and experimentation include temporary embryonic implantation.

THE SIXTH SEED, a dark paranormal fantasy fraught with suburban Pittsburgh horror, takes this scenario one radical step further when the first alien/human hybrid fertilization develops to full term in utero.

Believing a vasectomy will prevent another unplanned pregnancy, 34-year-old Tom Furst—Melanie’s loving husband and the father of their five children—wants more than anything to dig them out of the fiscal hole they’re mired in and become financially secure. However, during the procedure, mysterious Dr. Prindar Krakhil secretly implants a worm-like alien seed in Tom’s vas deferens that not only ensures that Melanie gets pregnant, but plants in her womb a child half alien.

Their children are abducted. Melanie becomes gravely ill. When Tom loses his job, their home, and the sixth seed is born, will he accept the child for what it really is—and conquer the temptation to exchange it for the money Krakhil offers?

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THE SIXTH SEED by Lee Allen Howard

“Lee Howard stitches together a story where the suspense never lets up.” –Ron Edison

“THE SIXTH SEED abducted my imagination and unsettled me with its pitch-perfect blend of science fiction, body horror and domestic terror. What a weird read!” –Michael A. Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Proverbs for Monsters

“Lee Allen Howard is an imaginative writer with slick, vivid prose and high octane pacing. He writes like no one else, and I mean this in a very good way.” –Trent Zelazny, author of Fractal Despondency

“Howard brings alien invasion up close and personal… buckle up for a thrill ride.” –Scott Nicholson, author of Liquid Fear

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3 Responses to “THE SIXTH SEED”

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    […] I recently published my second novel, The Sixth Seed for e-readers and trade paperback. It cost me nothing to post it, and I’ve been selling downloads at a 70% royalty. And I can add […]

  3. Kim Says:

    I just finished this book last night. Couldn’t put it down. But I really want to know what happens next! [spoilers ommitted] Do you plan a sequel?
    Thanks for the great read!

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